Visiport Solutions

Visiport offers products that assist manufacturers in improving visibility and safety for machinery requiring the intensive use of flood coolants.

Despite advances in hard machining, dry machining, and minimum quantitiy lubricant (MQL) machining, the most efficient method to remove metal and heat from the work zone in a milling, turning, or grinding process is still flood coolant.

Spin Window Systems

Our systems provide visibility into the machine tool through coolant spray, and prevent the need to bypass crucial machine interlock safety systems.

Machine Tool Safety Windows

We offer windows to protect operators from impacts, and as replacements when your existing window is worn or damaged.

Video System Solutions

New products that provide remote monitoring and recording of machining processes, either from on the window or in the enclosure.


In addition to manufacturing the world's leading spin windows, Visiport also offers a number of related retrofit and repair services.

  • Damage to a spin window from a machine crash? We can refurbish your unit.
  • Need to replace wear components like discs or bearings? We offer spare parts for all generations of Visiport spin windows.
  • Have a cracked or scratched up safety window? We can provide you with flat polycarbonate or composite safety windows to meet applicable CE impact class requirements.
  • Want to minimize the downtime needed to install your new spin window? We offer factory installation of the mounting plate to your safety window, regardless of manufacturer.