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About Us

Visiport has been manufacturing and selling specialized industrial products to the machine tool and metalworking marketplace for over 25 years. While Visiport distributes specialized machine tool accessories and parts, we are best known for our internationally acclaimed vision assist products.

Our Mission

Visiport was founded with the mission to help minimize the negative aspects of using higher pressure coolants in Machining and Turning Centers and improve safety. As a result, we've developed an innovative line of products that have been designed from the ground up to help machine tool users.

Evolution of the Visiport

The Visiport story began when we began importing the first machine tool spin window systems into the United States. Based on designs going back to the original marine product technology first patented in 1917, and updated for use in machine tools in the 1980s, these systems were not suited for use with machine tool safety windows of composite construction.

Over a quarter century of experience in this field has lead to the direct development of our successful Visiport line of spin window systems. The original patented system designed to overcome the limitations of the early machine tool products has been improved over four generations of product installed in a wide variety of machine tools from every major builder worldwide.

The Visiport series of spin windows let you protect the investment of your OEM windows while providing an unprecedented level of visibility into the machining process.

The Visiport series has helped thousands of customers worldwide improve safety, productivity, and quality in their workplace and machining processes.

But we're not stopping there. In keeping with our original mission, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products. Our goal is to help keep your vision clear.


March 1, 2018: The Visiport Web Store is now available for sales of Retrofit Kits, options, accessories, and replacement parts.

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There are currently no posted openings at Visiport, but we are always on the lookout for talented machinists. If you're interested in joining the Visiport team, please send your resume to us at hr@visiport.com.